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This is a format of cultural and entertainment value

promoting various types of performances in order to divulge the human experience of the great Italian masters in their time, together with the universal artistic significance of their works. 

It is the result of the creative fusion of different forms of communication

visual, technological, sound-based, narrative, educational, emotional, and perceptual.

It is the scientific value of the research that highlights the quality and the cultural commitment

for each project, scientific committees will be created, comprising the leading scholars of each artist.

It is a format that for each show foresees special collaborations

with well-established Italian musicians, writers, actors, directors and scenographers. A unique kind of dramaturgy that explores and enhances the popularity of art.

It is a replicable and itinerant format

that foresees an international tour for each exhibition.

A new format that promotes art, culture and entertainment at an international level

- produced by Cose Belle d'Italia Media Entertainment. Annually presenting monographic exhibitions starting from Venice at the monumental Scuola Grande della Misericordia, each dedicated to great masters who were protagonists of an era of Italian art, the first three being: Giotto (late Middle Ages), Canova (Neoclassical) and Raphael (Renaissance). For each exhibition, scientific committees are established comprising the leading scholars of each artist to create a special format able to combine scientific research and multimedia technology in an original and innovative way. 

Each exhibition also sees the collaboration of well-known figures from the world of Italian culture, such as musicians, writers, actors, stage designers to create musical compositions, texts, readings, unique and innovative settings. The aim is to enable the public (of different ages and backgrounds) to undertake a high profile cultural and artistic journey in which the setting, knowledge and performance blend to create a unique experience of empathic involvement and individual participation.

It constitutes a format of universal value – suitable for all types of visitors – for the promotion and diffusion of Italian art and thinking, and is the result of the creative fusion of different fields of communication: visual, technological, sound-based, narrative, educational.

The goal is to create an international community to expand the cultural offering and stimulate the public to a knowledge of Italian culture by conveying value and awareness, as well as emotion and wonder.

All three exhibitions are flanked by FMR catalogues and limited-edition books published by Utet Grandi Opere. These prestigious editorial brands are famous for the great quality of their books and are part of the Cose Belle d'Italia SpA group.

The city of Venice, the international capital of art, is the natural place chosen to present the MAGISTER project to the world, and will be the starting point for an international exhibition tour for each artist chosen.